A Total Retail Management System that Delivers Freedom To Retail Anywhere



Designed as a complete enterprise solution, Retail Pro 9 has it all.
Point of Sale
Store Operations
Customer Management
Back Office - Inventory Management, Buying & Distribution, Physical Stock and Promotions
Analytics and Reporting

As simple as you want. As sophisticated as you need. Retail Pro® 9 – one of the most comprehensive retail management software solutions available.


Do Business Your Way

Retail Pro 9 is scalable without limits, allowing our system to adapt to your business, wherever it may take you.

Corporate-Owned Stores
Any Model or Combination

Flexibility to accommodate a variety of business models allows Retail Pro to power the retail management system needs of retailers of all sizes, from owner-operated brick and mortar specialty stores up to large corporate-run retail chains, and nearly all flavors of specialty retail in between, even franchise operations and store-in-store environments

From savvy, growth oriented businesses to prestigious multinational enterprises, our proven expertise and reliability has impressed even the most demanding brands. For more than 20 years, Retail Pro has grown alongside retailers thriving in economies throughout the world


Take Your Business Anywhere


Whether your business is focused on efforts in a single country, or growing your brand across multiple world economies, Retail Pro’s flexibility handles it with ease. We help our customers by making sure they have the features, functionality, and support they need to thrive in local and international markets.


Powerful and Flexible Reporting

Robust reporting out-the-box
Over 150+ prebuilt reports
Flexible graphical reports for monitoring sales
Built-in statistics and KPIs for inventory items and customers
Flexibility to create custom reports

With Retail Pro 9, you can get an integrated reporting solution preloaded with 150+ Standard reports that can have an immediate impact on your business and help you make better, more informed decisions.

Using these standard reports, you can monitor key performance indicators
(KPIs), track inventory stock levels, determine best/worst sellers, manage employee commissions, generate sales tax liability reports, determine top customers and much, much more.

And if you have more sophisticated reporting needs, you can use any ODBC-compliant reports writer (such as Crystal Reports) to create custom reports for Retail Pro.


Key Retail Pro ® 9 Features:

Point of Sale & Checkout

Quick and flexible item entry using barcodes, general descriptions, manual inventory lookup or optional touch screen item buttons

Flexible customer lookup using name, phone, company or miscellaneous information like store card or driver’s license

Display as much or as little item and customer information as required on screen

Issue and track fully-integrated gift cards, gift certificates and store credit across multiple store locations in real-time

Centralized processing of merchandise returns and exchanges with built-in verification reduce fraudulent returns

Native promotions functionality to support BOGO, BTGT, BOOM, and coupon tracking and more

Automatic discounting/pricing at point of sale based on customer type (retail, wholesale, employees), number of units sold or season (date)

Speed up POS transactions with user-defined touch screen cash buttons and quantity (multiplier) buttons

Accept and utilize an unlimited number of foreign currencies at point-of-sale

Easily place sales receipts on hold as needed, and un-hold them from any POS terminal
Easily launch your e-commerce website (or a competitor’s website) from point-of-sale to compare

Perform quick price checks (including tax) and stock inquiries directly from point of sale without creating a new sales receipt

Discreetly track specific suspicious activities like sales cancellations and system reboots occurring at point-of-sale that may require further investigation

Quickly and discreetly track miscellaneous marketing and demographic information at point of sale to use later to better understand your customers and track your marketing ROI

Easily track non-sale cash added or removed from the cash register, such as petty cash used to buy office supplies for the store



Layaways, Special Orders & Gift Registries

Track layaways, customer special orders and backorders and take an unlimited number of deposits, which can be suggested and/or required

Easily convert sales transactions to layaways or special orders

Setup and manage gift registries that are available across multiple stores or only at a specific store location



Customer Management, Retention & Loyalty

Track an unlimited number of customers

Setup an unlimited number of user-defined fields to track miscellaneous customer info, such as size, favorite color, favorite brand, birthday, etc.

Determine exactly what information is required for new customers to ensure that employees are entering all relevant information into the system

Quick and easy access to customer purchasing history allows sales reps to provide personalized service and meaningful recommendations to customers

Use Customer Security Levels to control exactly what Personally Identifiable Information about your customers can be viewed and/or edited by employees

Integrated customer loyalty program allows for tier rewards based on customer spending, visits, profitability and other metrics.

Segment customers for marketing campaigns based on customer specific KPIs and/or purchasing metrics

For a filtered list of customers (or a customer segment), easily print labels for targeted mailings, export to Excel for further manipulation or send to e-mail marketing programs



Inventory Control & Management

Track inventory items across the entire product life cycle – from purchasing, to receiving, to transfers, to sales

Quickly view on-hand, sold, received, on-order and in-transit quantities for each item across all store locations

Track an unlimited number of inventory items and associated item images

Predefine an unlimited number of style grid templates for all your apparel inventory management need

Create an unlimited number of user-defined fields to track miscellaneous attributes

Assign an unlimited number of barcodes for each item

Define an unlimited number of pricing levels for each item for store-based and customer-based pricing

Track merchandise movement within sublocations of the same store location (ex: from stockroom to sales floor or sales floor to display area)

Set maximum discount % to specific items to limit the impact of discounts on the items’ profitability

Create kits to bundle items together

Track serial numbers through the entire product life cycle (from receiving to sales) or on specific transactions only

Setup an unlimited number of tax codes to track item-specific taxing requirements, like local and regional-based tax structures

Changes and corrections to item descriptions are applied system-wide so data remains consistent



Purchase Order Management & Transfers

Automatically create purchase orders based on existing stock, minimum/maximum stock levels and customer order commitments

Optimize merchandise replenishment through the transfer of overstocked or low-selling items based on need or as an even distribution

Effectively manage your purchasing for all stores via a single ‘master’ purchase order and have those goods distributed automatically to the stores in need of stock

Quickly and efficiently create purchase orders that meet vendor minimum order requirements (pre-packs)

Prevent the ordering of specific items that have been discontinued or are out of season

Receive merchandise with or without referencing a purchase order

Distribute Advanced Shipping Notices to your stores to inform them of what to expect in their shipments prior to the goods meeting their destination

Print barcodes and labels as needed or as part of the receiving process



Reports Library & Key Performance Indicators

Personalized reports within seconds

Over 150+ prebuilt reports available to help you run your business and make better decisions

Monitor sales activity throughout the day using graphical reports by store, vendor, employee and even hour of day for key metrics such as total sales, average sales and margin

Analyze sales data to measure the effectiveness of pricing campaigns and to guide purchasing

Built in statistics and KPIs available for inventory items and customers viewable directly from within Retail Pro or through the prebuilt reports

Item-level statistics including Sell Thru %, Stock to Sales Ratio, Turn, Days of Supply, Gross Margin Return on Investment (GMROI) help you better understand what’s happening in your business and make more profit- able decisions.

Customer-level statistics including Total Visits, Average Sales Amount, Average Unit Items Sold, Average Margin $ help you better understand your customer’s purchasing behavior and can be used to develop more targeted marketing campaigns and provide better customer service

Designate role-based access levels to each report to ensure sensitive information is protected and reports are distributed safely and securely

Schedule reports to run automatically

Export reports to Excel, Notepad, PDF, HTML or Crystal Reports for further manipulation

For more sophisticated reporting needs, any ODBC-compliant reports writer (like Crystal Reports) can be used to create custom reports for Retail Pro



Ease of Use & Flexibility

Each and every Retail Pro screen can be fully customized and designed without any programming to ensure that the screen is intuitive, relevant, and follows your business processes

All printed documents (Sales Transactions, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, etc.) can be fully customized and designed to ensure the documents adhere to your branding

Every label, description and message in Retail Pro can be fully translated into any language or modified to your specific needs



Employee Security, Management & Productivity

Flexible commission tracking system that allows appropriate rewards for differing levels of em- ployee productivity

Easily split a single commission between multiple employees involved in the same sale

Create an unlimited number of user-defined security groups that controls user access to specific areas and func- tions within Retail Pro

Accurately track employee sales performance by recording specific employee details for each sales transaction
and optionally requiring users to logon between each transaction

Establish sales goals for stores and individual employees that can then be compared to sales performance

Limit the amount of discounts each employee is able to give at point of sale



Support for Franchise Businesses

Support for both single and multi-brand franchising models

Gain broad visibility into franchisee sales performance as well as detailed transactional data for all levels of business – for a single franchisee store, all stores across the entire franchise enterprise, and everything in between

Achieve greater accuracy and transparency into franchisee business activity and revenue numbers in order to verify and expedite royalty payments and fees

Gather actionable information on customer activity, marketing/sales effectiveness and employee efficiency in order to monitor, improve and enhance the franchise business

Provide franchisees with access to their own data (sales, merchandising, inventory information, employee pro- ductivity, pricing, promotions and more) while ensuring that the data remains secure and inaccessible to others franchisees

Maintain visibility into franchisees across borders with automatic conversion of currencies to single currency when viewing or reporting on franchisee information

Increase sales and customer loyalty by issuing and tracking fully-integrated gift cards, gift certificates and store credit across the entire franchise enterprise

Create purchase orders for specific stores, all stores for a franchisee or all stores across all franchisees to take advantage of volume discounts

Quickly and easily manage inventory updates and changes across all franchisees

Optionally share customer information across all franchisees